Thursday, September 15, 2016

Best Restaurants in San Francisco

Zagat just came out with its list of the 50 best restaurants in San Francisco.  You can see the list by clicking here.  

A few months ago, the "San Francisco Chronicle" released its annual list of the best restaurants in the Bay Area.  That list includes San Francisco, wine country, the East Bay (Oakland), and South Bay (Silicon Valley).  See the "Chronicle's" list here

Finally, the "Michelin Guide" is released each fall.  Here's a list of the starred restaurants in the Bay Area.  Or you can use this interactive map to see the various categories of restaurants in the Bay Area. The next list should come out in October.  

When the next Michelin Guide is released, I'll do an analysis comparing the lists of best restaurants.  Meanwhile, you've got many excellent restaurants to choose from when you visit San Francisco.