Monday, December 17, 2007

Pacific Heights

In September, I wrote about Sea Cliff and mentioned that it and Pacific Heights are probably the two wealthiest neighborhoods in San Francisco. This post will talk about Pacific Heights.

Pacific Heights includes the hilly part of San Francisco from Van Ness Avenue on the east to Lyon Street and the Presidio wall on the west. The north and south boundaries are Green and Bush Streets. Some of San Francisco's wealthiest and most influential residents make their homes in Pacific Heights. Many of them have spectaculr views from their houses. While you may not be in a position to buy a home with such a view, you can approximate the views by walking up the Lyon or Baker Street steps. You'll also get a good workout.

Some of San Francisco's largest homes are in Pacific Heights. Currently, there are two houses on the market in Pacific Heights with asking prices of over $50 million. 2901 Broadway is listed for $55 million, while the owners of 2845 Broadway are asking $65 million. The Spreckels Mansion, at 2080 Washington, is one of the largest homes in San Francisco. Built by Alma and Adolph Spreckels in 1915, its current owner is Danielle Steele.

If you are a movie buff, you can see the house that Sally Fields and Robin Williams called home in "Mrs. Doubtfire" on the southeast corner of Broadway and Steiner Street.

Fillmore Street between Post and Jackson Streets is the main shopping district for Pacific Heights. Along the street you will find many upscale shops and some very good restaurants. You can easily combine a stroll along Fillmore Street with a walk along the Union Street shopping district in Cow Hollow. Just make sure you visit Fillmore Street first so you walk down the steep hill to Union Street.

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