Thursday, July 26, 2007

Dining in Glen Park

One of the things that makes San Francisco a great place to live is the number of high quality restaurants found throughout the city. It's nice to be able to have a good meal out without the fuss of going downtown.

Unfortunately, my neighborhood -- the Sunnyside -- continues to be a culinary wasteland. We've got a few mediocre Chinese joints and one bad pizza place. The next neighborhood, Glen Park, was only marginally better for many years. It had a couple of decent breakfast places, but not much else. Then a few years ago, Chenery Park opened. This restaurant serves very good American food in a casual setting. Tuesdays are kids nights, when families with children are welcomed.

A couple of months ago, the dumpy, old pizza place in Glen Park closed. The storefront was transformed, and Gialina Pizzeria opened. This new restaurant makes some of the best thin-crust pizza in San Francisco.

Finally, two weeks ago Le P'tit Laurent, a casual and very reasonably priced French restaurant opened. Owned by Laurent Legendre, formerly co-owner of Clementine in the Richmond District , Le P'tit Laurent offers French classics at a good price. In addition, the wine list contains many good wines with prices under $40/bottle.

More restaurants may be coming to Glen Park, including a sushi restaurant that has been in the planning process for a couple of years.

There is one downside to this growth of restaurants in Glen Park. The neighborhood is so desperate for good food that Gialina Pizzeria and Le P'tit Laurent are constantly packed. I suggest making a reservation if you want to dine at either place.

If you are visiting San Francisco and want to visit one of these neighborhood restaurants, Glen Park is on the BART system. It's a ten minute ride from the Powell Street station to Glen Park. The three restaurants are within two blocks of the Glen Park BART station.

Now, if some good restaurants open in the Sunnyside, I'll be a happy man. Perhaps the new Japanese restaurant will start a trend when it opens.

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