Thursday, February 22, 2007

Restaurant Wines Starting at $25/Bottle

I seldom want to spend over $50 for a bottle of wine when I dine out. On a special occasion, that's OK. However, for a casual but nice dinner out, that's often too much. Increasingly I am leaving restaurants with my budget out of whack because of wine prices. So I was most pleased when I dined at Myth Restaurant last month and saw that they feature a selection of wines for $25/bottle or less. Plus there were a good number of wines in the $25 - $50 per bottle price range. More importantly, the wines weren't losers. We had nice Italian wine for $25 and a French wine from the Rhone River Valley for about $35.

Good wine alone does not make for a nice dinner out. But Myth's California/French menu does not disappoint. My group had an array of small plates plus one or two large plates. Everything was tasty.

I had been wanting to dine at Myth since the day it opened. I am glad I finally visited the restaurant. Weekend reservations can be tough, so try to book ahead of time. Myth may be reached at (415) 677-8986. The restaurant is at 470 Pacific Avenue, between Sansome and Montgomery. You can probably find nearby street parking after 6:00 p.m.

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