Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Chinatown and North Beach Restaurants

I frequently get asked for recommendations for dinner in both Chinatown and North Beach. In Chinatown, I have long recommended the R and G Lounge at 631 Kearny Street (between Clay and Sacramento Streets). However, many of my guests and many concierges have praised the Oriental Pearl at 760 Clay Street (between Grant Avenue and Kearny Street). I recently checked it out and will definitely include it among my Chinatown recommendations. Every dish we ordered was quite good, particularly the Peking Duck. Plus the service was friendly and informative. When you are in Chinatown, you will dine well at either the R and G or the Oriental Pearl.

In North Beach, I am harder pressed to name good restaurants. There are some that are good, like Calzones and Caffe DeLucchi on Columbus, but nothing exceptional. Recently some guests and friends recommended Trattoria Contadina on the corner of Mason and Union Streets. This past weekend we gave it a try. All of us enjoyed our meals, which consisted of well prepared typical San Francisco Italian fare. Trattoria Contadina's meals are not as refined as the Italian restaurants I have recently written about. However, the food is good and, if you are in North Beach, you won't go wrong by dining here.

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